PCOS Dos And Don’ts

Posted on March 4, 2019

Women with PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome struggle with infertility due to the fact that their menstrual cycles are irregular due to high levels of testosterone. And, aside from that, many women with the condition struggle with self-confidence and self-esteem because the condition does strip away their femininity. And, it does not matter whether the sufferer has a milder form of the condition or severe. Even in the mildest cases where the woman’s fertility is not terribly impacted by the PCOS, but she can still have adult acne and mild hair growth as well as thinning. That can easily cause self-esteem to plummet because that can easily make her self conscious. Women with more severe cases will usually need to have intense treatments when it comes to treating acne as well as removing excess hair through electrolysis which is inconvenient as well as costly. There is no doubt that PCOS is one of the most difficult conditions for any woman to have whether or not she plans to have kids.

However, the good news is, even though PCOS cannot be cured, it can be managed and treated and it does not always need to be treated by a doctor unless the case is quite severe. And, in order for that to happen, the one who has the condition needs to learn what to do in order to keep it manageable which can help them not only get pregnant but lose weight and no longer suffer from acne or excessive hair growth- which is also very common with PCOS. Below are the PCOS do’s and later on, the PCOS don’ts will be covered:


  • Eat whole grains which provide the energy needed to function which is slowly released so it will not affect the blood sugar levels
  • Eat fatty fish like salmon in order to get the essential fatty acids to help balance hormones, and avocados help with that as well
  • Stick to full-fat dairy products which will also help regulate hormones
  • Stick to dark leafy greens and other vegetables, as well as fruits in order to get the necessary vitamins and minerals to help with hormonal regulation
  • Stock up on protein in order to help gain muscle which will help burn fat from eggs, poultry, and nuts
  • Exercise a half an hour a day to keep the metabolism up and going and to reduce the risk of diabetes and other complications
  • Take supplements that can help regulate hormonal levels as well such as chaste berry tree.

And, these tips will also be extremely helpful when the woman with PCOS plans to get pregnant because these foods are not only excellent for balancing out hormones but are very healthy for the unborn baby as well. And, it is always advised that women whether they have PCOS or not to be in an optimal weight range before conceiving. This way, pregnancy-related complications can be easily kept at bay. And, with that said, this means that women with PCOS, in particular, must avoid doing the following as well in order to keep the condition manageable:

PCOS Don’ts

  • Do not eat simple sugars such as high fructose corn syrup, sucrose, and dextrose. This is what is found in white flour, candies, and sugary drinks. Even juice is not recommended to drink unless it is completely natural because this will only cause insulin and blood sugar levels to spike even further which will prevent ovulation from happening. Additionally, weight gain will be guaranteed.
  • Stay away from trans fats which are man-made fats that are lurking around in fast food items, as well as in pastries, and in candies. This causes inflammation, especially in the reproductive system which will have a negative effect on fertility.
  • Do not live a sedentary life – In order to prevent the metabolism from getting sluggish and in order to allow proper circulation in the body, it is always best to be active and not to live an inactive life.

As long as the women that have PCOS is able to stay consistent with utilizing the tips mentioned on a consistent basis, then there is a very good chance that they will not only be able to lose weight but start ovulating on their own and conceive. Of course, that also depends on the severity of the condition. In some cases, women with PCOS in the more moderate to severe cases will need to have extra fertility intervention in addition to making the necessary lifestyle changes in order to stay in good health.

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Posted on January 5, 2019

It is a well-known fact that some women like putting on black maternity dress for some reasons known to them but the more dominant reason might be to conceal their protruding stomachs but either way whatever the reason may be, black is a very suitable dress appearance for anybody and especially for pregnant mothers and so, if you are a pregnant looking to wear a black maternity dress, you may perhaps need to know how to appear elegant and good looking in such materials and here we offer you advice that could be a big boost in your outlook when in a black maternity dress. Regardless, of the reason why you need to wear a black maternity dress either it may be for a business purpose, casual purpose or any other significant reason, we advise that you don’t wear your personal items like jewelry, scarves, shoes, and even perhaps items like sweaters and boleros. And if you need to wear a short sleeve dress then try thinking about putting on a black maternity dress with long sleeves shirts or long sleeved sweaters.

Be conscious first of all the color trends of the season you are in and as you know, Pantone color styles are commonly upgraded seasonally and so, there is only the use of a single type of color annually. Most of this colors are chosen to accolade and organize and the stylish colors are selected based on a certain number of reasons, most especially because of industry standards at the period and likewise in the fashion industry, many designers regulate themselves to only the Pantone color styles but some other designers set their own standards. Another, word of advice is that you should use the materials within your wardrobe to compliment your style of appearance in a black maternity dress. However, this depends on the trend of gown you already possesses and also, keep in mind that the bright colors such as yellow reflect more brightly against a black background view. But white and brown are neutral colors and so, dependent on your choice the dress would have a different expression. Another important thing to note is that if you wish to put on accessories such as necklaces, earrings or even bangles, it could be very good for your outlook for it might make you appear exceptional and consequently, on normal days such black maternity gowns will look make you look even better if you wear a handbag and also, by wearing a good shoe with high heels would make you appear great in your maternity black gown. Another important fact to note is that depending on the choice of length of dress you wish to wear, you could add a blossom to your look by wearing a shirt over your gown to give it better touch and this could also, serve as second wear. If you desire to wear maternity clothes be aware that it is expensive and because of its versatile pieces it could make all the differences in a situation of pregnancy. For more details click on pregnancy pills.


It is a fact that today, there are many bridal wears which have more designers and producers who are aimed at providing pregnant brides to be a different collective sets of beautiful wedding gowns and as we know, the 21st century has seen a decline of the traditional wedding gowns worn in the past for wedding ceremonies and today those gowns have been replaced by fashionable and trendy maternity wedding gowns and so, you need not to jeopardize your desired wedding gown just because you are pregnant. Almost all the current maternity gowns today use elastic fabrics patterned to allow for the body ever-changing outlook. A series of maternity wedding gowns have huge waistlines with feathery fabrics patterned to fit almost perfectly the section of your upper body which is expanding on a regular basis. Conspicuously, there are also many maternity wedding gowns designed from flexible materials like spandex but this is not the ideal clothing to wear if you are looking for something a little more classy, you should instead go for maternity wedding gowns made from silk, satin or even adopt the casual pliable lace maternity gowns. Because of the numerous eye-catching maternity wedding gowns in the markets today, it has made it difficult for prospecting women to get something which may be more suitable for them especially the pregnant mothers and in this article, we teach you on how to acquire a maternity wedding gown that would suit everything you need to make your wedding very comforting and a memorable experience for you.


Regardless, of how far or near your wedding date may be for commencement, be sure to ensure you purchase your maternity gown close to the time before the wedding commences. The reason is that is you decide to buy a maternity wedding dress before the elapsed time for your wedding, your body may before this time add up in size and if you are a pregnant mother your body may actually start swelling before the stated date for the wedding and so, you need to but your dress closer to the wedding date to ensure you get the actual size of what you want.


When you are purchasing your maternity wedding gown before the actual wedding commences then, be sure to ensure you buy the right size of the dress before the wedding day comes. During the stages of picking out your maternity wedding dress be sure to make sure the size of the gown is your fitting, if you are pregnant then base your selection on maternity wedding gown for pregnancy size.


If you are not sure of your size then it is advised you go for something that is oversize, especially if you are a chubby person or a pregnant mother. The reason is until you give birth to your offspring especially if you are a pregnant mother, you are going to continue experiencing changes in your body which are that your body would keep inflaming. And so, it is advised you pick something that would accommodate your expanding size.


It is a well-known truth that being pregnant as a woman has its own ways of depriving the woman of the comfort she formerly experienced, associated with eating, sleeping, relaxation and other meaningful things done which cannot be done after being pregnant. Some pregnant women really do experience a lot of problems trying to get a good rest at night because of the case of their protruding tummies, they find it difficult to lie down and rest with ease. But it is a sure fact that most of these situations of inconveniences can be addressed especially when it comes to having a relaxing night during the normal cases of pregnancy.

 Such ways where this can be managed is through using pillows designed especially for pregnant women and this pillows could be of great help to the woman and could help ease the pain associated with sleeping usually experienced by pregnant mothers. It is a true fact that the position of how one pregnant woman sleeps and derives comfort can be very different from the way another pregnant woman sleeps to enjoy comfort, an instance is that a pregnant woman might be very comfortable sleeping on her back but may not be comfortable sleeping on left side or right side and on the other hand, the other pregnant woman might prefer to sleep on her sides than to sleep on her back, also there is also the fact that some other pregnant women may derive comfort in sleep when using pregnancy pillows and some others might loathe the pleasure of it. In this article we are going to give you details on how pregnancy pillows could be helpful to you if you are a pregnant woman but don’t also, dispute the fact that it is possible you might not like the idea of using pregnancy pillows after you might have tried it, it is all dependent on your view.


The truth is that the maternity pillow is built especially and carefully because it is meant for giving both the back and the front of the person who uses it a comfortable feeling and relaxed state when slept on the side of the body, especially for the pregnant women. Also, the maternity pregnancy pillows are designed to offer you a kind of protection for your neck region and the side region of the body for people who love sleeping on their sides. Another feature of the pillow is that it is long enough so as to ensure you can place it in-between your knees to enable you to sleep comfortably in the position you choose to lie.


The pregnancy maternity pillow creates a kind of soothing relief for pregnant women as it helps them relieve waist pains, ease back pains and enable them to sleep very comfortably during in their state of pregnancy. The maternity pillow makes one feel very comfortable and less awkward while you are sleeping and as well known a good night sleep would do much good for your health and help you feel relaxed in sleep even when you are pregnant.



It is an obvious fact that some women have different reasons for wanting to wear a modest swimsuit. The reasons some may give is that the wearing of modest bathing suit may seem more befitting for their body figures and others would give the reason that they want to wear a modest swimsuit for special occasions an instance is what you may like to wear on an intimacy meeting with your spouse may not be what you would wear to an event center with your children. Some other women prefer dressing modestly due to religious reason reasons and some others, they may want to cover parts of the body they don’t want to be noticed because they have body scars, tattoos or some other body outlook.

However, depending on why it may be worn, getting a descent pregnant bathing suit that covers all parts of the body always pose a problem, this is because the limit of swimwear choices available in the market for non-pregnant women are more in circulation but the modest bathing suits usually created for the pregnant women are based on the same size and pattern in which the non-pregnant women swimsuits are made, an example is the normal Tankini, with falling neck lines and the  normal skimpy bikinis bottom which has always been in popular demand for long. As a matter of fact, many pregnant women are always comfortable wearing the swimsuits for the non-pregnant women and so, since this discovery was made swimsuits manufacturers don’t produce modest pregnancy swimsuits in huge quantities anymore. But regardless of the fact that some pregnant women may feel comfortable having to wear the non-pregnancy swimsuit, there are still other pregnant women out there who have been desperately searching for pregnancy swimsuits which have modest settings.

The lucky ones, who are able to find these scarce pregnancy swimsuits later come to discover that either the swimsuits have a flaw here or there like a side of the top may seem longer than the under, which can still cause some exposure of body parts but, regardless of this some of them actually try them on and they discover that of a truth wearing such swimsuits is not a bad idea for it perfectly suits their bodies, it is not an outdated fashion and also, it still covers some actual aspects of the body which they want to protect. A little advice for pregnant women who want to get more coverage on the parts of their body that may be exposed especially women who want to cover their upper body, we advise you go for swimsuits like the bandeau trend tops, or the scoop neck or even the square neck tank trend. This styles not only does it ensure complete covers of your torso body but also, it assists you with holding up your breasts regions. The second option for complete coverage for pregnant women who wish to get a swimsuit covering their lower body regions, then we suggest you go for the maternity swim skirts. These swim skirts offer a good cover for the lower body region and especially the hip region and upper legs regions.

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